Being a mom is a full time job. It is hectic, inspiring, exhausting, and has been known to cause even the most organized woman to mismatch her socks.

Being a principal is a career that can be accompanied with feelings of isolation. Time seems short, to-do lists get longer, and unlike when you were teaching…there is not a colleague one door down who you can share happiness and frustration.

These two careers are incredibly demanding and it takes a super hero to survive. Beyond being a principal or a mom there is a group of people that many don’t know about…they are the crazy ones, the women who have decided to do both.

Participating in two of the most demanding careers, our group realized the need for a way to support both our professional and personal lives. A place that we can share our homemade birthday treat fails, staff PD questions, and our challenges in balancing life.

Welcome to #Moms as Principals