All We Want For Christmas…

All #Momsasprincipals Want For Christmas is…


Not sure what to put on your Christmas list this year?  Or does your significant other need some gift ideas?  Or maybe you just want to sip some hot cocoa and dream about the ideal gift to help you be both a mom and a principal?  Check out our list of possible and wish-it-was-possible gift ideas.  Lots of options for that special #momsasprincipals lady in your life!

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA freeze button: sometimes you just want to stop time (Disclaimer…a freeze button is not to be confused with a Frozen button.  Sorry, couldn’t just “let it go!”)

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA bottle of wine.  But why stop at just a bottle?  How about a wine of the month membership? (Wine of the month? How about wine of the week!?)  We do the 12 days before Winter Break countdown with our staff.  We need a wine bottle countdown/advent calendar! 9207f3355129617d05333de40962b841

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartAn Apple Watch: to help us be hands-free OR we need outfits that have enough pockets to hold our cell phones, radios, walkie talkies, keys and anything else we need while on the go.
arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartDVR: because we’re never home to watch any of our favorite shows.


arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartAmazing winter gear: (if your principal loved-one lives in cold climate areas) since we freeze our butts off during arrival and dismissal daily (or all weather gear: Hunter rain boots, etc)

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA life coach who can do the following:

  • Counsel us when we are in need
  • Keep us motivated to find that balance and take care of ourselves
  • Knock some sense into us when we are being too hard on ourselves

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartAn Easy Button: because those things are awesome!

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA sleep clone: so that one of us could sleep the recommended 8 hours a night (Do people actually get that amount of sleep each night?!) and the other version of ourself could attempt to complete the never-ending to do list.

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartCozy slippers or a gift certificate for a pedicure: these feet take a BEATING walking all day long in heels!


arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA Housekeeper: to clean the house while we are at work (which is always), and cook for our family as we have no time to do these things. (We all need an Alice from the Brady Bunch. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cook, a cleaner and a guy who washes, dries and puts away laundry?!)

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartThe gift of time: More time in our day to get things done, more time to spend with our families


arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartFitBit: to log all of the miles that we travel in a day

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA one-step makeup routine: to cover the dark eye circles from sleepless nights, dry skin, and the give us the glow we all need


arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA gift certificate for a monthly massage: to work out the kinks after hours spent at a computer working on evaluations (scheduled for those days when we just feel like we can’t keep up).

arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA one-of-a-kind lanyard that will hold your ID forever. Are there times where your lanyard gets in the way, breaks, or doesn’t match with the outfit?


arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA work bag: to hold all of our devices and paperwork, that is easy to carry, but stylish at the same time.


arrow-right-free-stock-photo-illustration-of-a-blue-curved-right-xwuidl-clipartA magic building key with codes: There are so many keys and we have them all!
Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 11.03.34 PM.png
Happy Holidays from the mom bloggers!  While it’s always nice to receive “gifts”, the gift that we hope you all receive is time to spend with family and friends.  Being present is the best present you can give yourself and your loved ones!


Moms As Podcast Guests!


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“Moms as principals, two tough jobs and one amazing network that is growing, supporting, and learning from one another through social media. Hear how this group created their own PLN through Voxer, Twitter, blogging, and each other as they navigate both worlds – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

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