Don’t Stop Believin’

It seems like the song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ could be or probably should be our #momsasprincipals anthem.  How many times during the school day do things not always go as planned?  How many times do we have to think on our feet and switch gears because the unexpected happened?  How many times at home does that happen as well?  We are constantly having to jump through hoops, sometimes literal hula hoops, constantly having to get past hurdles in our jobs as moms and principals.  There are so many days when those hoops and hurdles are just too much.  Some days you just want to give up.  Am I right or am I right?  Well, we are hear to tell you that you can’t give up.  The unexpected will happen.  You will need to jump through hoops and over hurdles.  But we are here to encourage you.  Don’t stop believin’!  You can do it.

When we started planning a mom blogger get-together months ago, it seemed like everything would work out perfectly.  Our schedules were synced up.  Our hotel reservations were made.  Our flights were booked.  Seemed like nothing could go wrong, right?  Wrong.  Let us tell you our stories of how we jumped through lots of hoops and hurdles to meet up.

Lindsy – Ice Storm Jupiter. I was planning on driving the 8hrs to Nashville…until I received a panicked call, “You need to check the weather! You are going to be driving into an enormous ice storm!”. It’s not unlike my mom to overreact, so I checked myself. Sure enough – up to an inch of debilitating ice was supposed to fall during my drive through Southern Illinois. I decided that it wasn’t safe to drive and decided not to go, I voxed the Moms and, with tears, shared my news. They were equally disappointed and as a last ditch effort I decided to check the status of flights. My kids were buckled in the car ready to leave for school and I was booking a flight to TN. On my way to the airport later that day I checked a message from Claire that said “See you tomorrow Lindsy!”. Wait…what? I was currently driving to O’Hare International, I was so confused. As it turns out, in my haste, I booked a Saturday evening flight instead of Friday…and didn’t even realize it. I called Southwest and they graciously were amazing and able to adjust my flight to Saturday morning at 6:00am.


Kelley – The week before this trip, the big ice storm became all the talk of Facebook. I think I  began asking the girls to start praying on Monday that I would be able to make it out before the weather hit. As Friday came closer, the more nervous I got. For a girl with anxiety and a slight fear of flying..this wasn’t a great way to spend my week!. All day Friday, my Voxer was going off with all of the starts and stops with our trip. I think there were even moments of just wanting to throw in the towel, but I had looked forward to this for months. I wasn’t ready to give up.


I watched the weather all over the country and kept an eye on my plane as it went from Chicago, to Denver, to Vegas and finally to Wichita. I also kept an eye on the St. Louis airport to see if they were cancelling flights since freezing rain was falling all day. As I got delay notifications on my phone for my flight, I was worried it would be cancelled. Luckily, even with a 2 hour delay, I got to Nashville without a hitch!


Liz – Typically, flying in and out of Boston during the winter time means that you are taking a big risk.  Add to that flying out on a Friday the 13th…well that is just a recipe for disaster.  We realized that the ice storm in the middle of the country was going to possible cause problems for our trip.  I figured I was in the clear since we were having unseasonably warm weather with no ice, snow or rain.  When I showed up Friday night to the self-check screen and punched in my flight, the red lettering that flashed on the screen was not what I wanted to see.  My flight was delayed.  I went up to the counter and the United lady let me know that because my flight was delayed I was going to miss my connecting flight in Chicago…yep, I could figure that out on my own lady.  She presented me with a few scenarios, one which involved me going back home and coming back for a 6:00 am flight.  I chose to step away and call my husband and Vox with the group to figure out what I was going to do.  One option would mean flying to Chicago and then putting myself up in a hotel and flying out in the morning.


I went back to the counter and it was a different lady.  She informed me that this was a result of a mechanical issue and that they would be able to give me a voucher for a hotel stay.  She also put me on a different flight that would send me to Charlotte for the night and then get me to Nashville in the morning.  Made much more sense to me to fly south instead of head over towards the potential bad weather.  Thankfully, I made it to Charlotte and eventually crammed into a shuttle to an airport hotel.  After a few hours of sleep, I was back at the airport.  As I sat waiting to board the flight, the gate agent announced, “This flight to Nashville is going to be delayed.”  Are you kidding me?  And then two minute later, the same agent came back on the speaker to announce, “Turns out, no delay, we will leave on time.”  Funny.  Nope, not funny.  After several plan changes, I finally arrived in Nashville!


Claire – I decided that it would be best for me to drive from Ohio to Nashville as I am 90 minutes from the closest airport and arriving 2 hours prior to the departure, and no direct flights out, it would be a 10 hour trip total to take the flight. So, driving was 6 ½ hours seemed better. I had planned to leave by noon, and slowly I started to receive news a few days prior to my departure, of an ice storm that may affect several people. I waited to the day of and it seemed that this trip was not going to occur as flights would be delayed. We started to get some hope and I headed to my car to leave, and well, my car would not start! My battery was dead, due to an overhead light that was on, shoot! My husband was gone, and no neighbor in site to help out. Why did this feel like it was not supposed to happen? I waited for 2 hours, and was able to get help from my husband. Feeling good now, I headed out and as I was driving, I started to feel I would be the only one arriving in Nashville that night. Feeling that way, I detoured, found a Panera Bread and hung out for an hour, hoping someone would be meeting me in Nashville. Once I heard that Kelley’s flight was not delayed, I got back on the road and was able to meet up with Kelley.  Lindsy and Liz arrived the next morning.

After all of that, after not giving up, changing plans, a few tears, lots of laughs, and many, many voxes…we made it!  Finally, a face-to-face meet up with part of our mom blogger group.  We could have given up.  There were signs telling us not to make this trip happen.  But we were all belting out the lyrics to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ in our cars, planes and shuttles.  Now, we need to go explore Nashville together!