52 Reasons Why We Love Being #Momsasprincipals

It’s about this time of year when you might have days where you question why you do the job you do.  You may be stressed.  You may have moments in your car when you have held it all together all day and then during your commute, the tears are flowing.  You may be tired.  You have have had night after night of evening events followed by day after day of paperwork and meetings.  We felt like this was the perfect time to give everyone a pep talk, a little reminder as to why we do what we do.  We started making a list and realized we could go on and on.  Sometimes we had some reasons that came up again and again, and other times there were some unique reasons.  Read this list.  Think about why you love being a principal.  Make your own list!  Get inspired and go be awesome for kids!  We could have kept the list going but for now here’s at least 52 reasons why we love being #momsasprincipals…

  1. I’m very lucky to say that my career is my passion. I’m a self proclaimed edu-geek who can’t imagine being in any other field.
  2. One of my favorite things to do is eating lunch with a student who has met a goal or is being recognized for positive behavior. It allows me time to get to know my students on another level and ask great questions about how school is going from their point of view.Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.54.27 PM
  3. Because I went back to school to become a teacher in my late 20’s, my children witnessed me setting an educational goal and achieving it while raising a family and working to support the family. They did it again when I earned a Masters in Leadership. The message that education is important was sent loud and clear!
  4. I love that I get to model for my daughters that being a woman and a leader is possible!
  5. I love when I get to help a teacher problem solve or overcome an obstacle.
  6. Being able to connect families with the help they need outside of the school walls is always a good feeling. I love helping families with needs outside of school.
  7. I love being able to take care of my staff with treats, notes and conversations. It’s the mother in me!
  8. I love getting the opportunity to go in and cover a class. It gives the teacher in me an opportunity to be with kids in a different way.
  9. Greeting students each morning as they start their day, especially with the help of my Bluetooth Party On Wheels.
  10. Surprising the staff with awesome activities like the 12 Days Before Winter Break and Fabulous Fridays in February that make them love coming to work!
  11. Making positive phone calls home to let parents know how awesome their students are! Calling 100 parents with good news on the 100th Day of School was so heartwarming.FullSizeRender (55)
  12. Doing read alouds in classrooms to share my love for books with the students (while giving the teachers a free 30 minute break)
  13. Putting handwritten notes in mailboxes to show my appreciation for amazing practices and teachers going above and beyond everyday for kids!
  14. Organizing and facilitating PARCC Testing … nah, just kidding!
  15. Forming trusting relationships with some of the most difficult students and working everyday to make sure they know how much we love them and want them to succeed!
  16. Being able to support innovative educators who are not afraid of taking risks in the classroom! I’ve loved watching teachers build in time for students to explore with Osmo, Spheros, and watching students get excited in my office with Bloxels!
  17. Mentoring and supporting the development of teachers – encouraging their growth as educators and professionals.
  18. Having 800 “kids” of my own – they are the sweetest valentines, and always give the best hugs and high fives!
  19. Advocating for the underserved – always making decisions with the students’ best interests in mind!
  20. Modeling for my own children that their mommy can do it all…be a principal, be a grad-student (aren’t we all lifelong learners?), be a wife, and a great mommy at home, too!
  21. I love being able to share all of the wonderful things happening in our school with the world! I enjoy singing their praises and sharing best practices with other educators and administrators around the world. IMG_2652
  22. Doing whatever it takes to make our school amazing….helping clean up messes, helping in the cafeteria line serving food, covering a classroom when we’re short substitutes, comforting students, being a listener to a teacher who needs to vent about something personal, riding a bus…..you name it, I’ll do it!
  23. Calling a parent who left the school in tears after saying goodbye to their baby. 1st Days of school in PreK and Kindergarten can be a sad day for parents. I make a point to call those parents and reassure them that their little one is doing awesome in school and that they LOVE it. Building rapport with parents is so important! I take pride in getting to know their names and connecting with them. Afterall, being a mom gives me the perspective that makes me a better principal!
  24. I love being able to brag about our school family! My school community fills me with pride and it’s easy to scream their praises from the rooftop! FullSizeRender (56)
  25. I love that every single day of my job is different.  I never know what exactly will happen during the day, and I love the mix of the highs and lows.  Keeps me on my toes.
  26. I love that my school family knows and cares about my home family.  And I love that my daughter gets excited when I say she is going to come see the kids at mommy’s school.  Just hosted a family literacy night and brought my daughter to it, such a great evening and I was able to be with my family for it!
  27. I love being able to go into classrooms and share my love of reading with so many kiddos.  My students know how much I love reading, and they get excited to see what new book I am going to tell them about.  I also love bringing them into my office and letting them borrow books from my ever-growing library!
  28. I love that in my role I can do crazy things like get dunked in a dunk tank, wear a crazy hairdo, dress up like a book character, have a dance party in the lobby or do a hula hoop contest as part of my job.  And when I do those things, I am putting smiles on kids’ faces.  Best. feeling. Ever.C7JTZOfVoAAMqPX
  29. I love that I get to tell people with a similar background that it is possible to make an impact regardless of where you come from.
  30. I love that I can cry with parents and share my story about having a child with special needs.  It makes a difference when they know I understand their pain and will be working hard to make sure their child experience at our school is the best.
  31. I love that I can open our doors to everyone and show them that teaching is much more than papers and pencils.  I love to highlight the work of our teachers.  It makes our community feel safe and excited about learning.
  32. I love that I can make financial decisions that benefit kids (we are site based).  I always try to listen to our students and let them guide the things we do at the school.
  33. I love that I get to read to and with kids. My lunch is spent with a group of kids who are as passionate as I am about reading.
  34. I love that I get to give every student a book for their birthday.  I am an avid reader; sharing the gift of books is something I enjoy doing every morning.  The kids are so excited and look forward to selecting their book on their birthday.
  35. I love that I get to learn so much from our staff.  Going into classrooms is like having Professional Development all day long.  Our teachers are welcoming and are always sharing new knowledge with me.IMG_0487
  36. I love that it is not all about me.  I get to highlight people, celebrate them, and reward them for doing what is best for kids.
  37. I love that I get to live the American Dream with a diverse group of learners.  Our school is like a little United Nations.  It is amazing to see many cultures come together and do life on a daily basis.
  38. I love that I can show my daughters what it looks like to have a job you simply LOVE! Every day I feel truly blessed to drive to what I call our little “Disney”.  My girls know that I am living my purpose and love every minute of it.  I hope I am setting a good example of what it is to make a difference in the name of kids.
  39. I love that I get to show our community that no matter where you come from you can be EXCELLENT!
  40. I love observing teachers and students take risks and try something new without worrying about failing.
  41. #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay is definitely a highlight for me! There is nothing better than a principal calling home to celebrate a child.  Hearing tears of joy on the other end of the phone or pure excitement is very rewarding.
  42. Hearing my own daughters ask me how my day was and them witnessing the pride and happiness that I feel daily.
  43. I love providing feedback to teachers and students as they try something new and/or conquer something new.  Celebrating these successes fill my bucket!
  44. Showing my school community that principals are learners, too (i.e. attending conferences, reading a new book/blog/article, listening to podcasts, etc.).
  45. I love showing our kiddos that principals can have fun, too (i.e. dress up days, being duck-taped to a chair, being sprayed with silly-string, dancing on Freaky Fridays, wearing our school’s mascot costume, etc.). Their smiles are priceless!
  46. Leaving notes and little treats for teachers, honoring hard & innovative work, and celebrating the greatness found at our school via Twitter, Smore Newsletter, etc. are true rewards for me!IMG_0125
  47. I love taking the time to recognize students: Principal’s Lunch, Bucket Fillers, #BirthdaySelfie, #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay, high-fives, hugs, smiles, and fist bumps!
  48. I love connecting and learning with other educators from around the country thatshare the same love for education: #principalsinaction, #momsasprincipals, #JoyfulLeaders
  49. Showing my own daughters that having a career and a family is possible and extremely rewarding!
  50. I love building relationships with our most intensive students! They need to know that we care about every single one of them!
  51. I love empowering my +580 children that education is the promise to a bright future.  As the first person in my family to graduate from college, I want all children to know that hard work and determination can make the “impossible” turn to “I’M POSSIBLE.”
  52. I have found my “WHY”….







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