Back to School Balance (Hacking Tips)

As the school year quickly approaches, the “Moms” would like to give our tips on how to hack back to school with our kids, our spouse, and ourselves! Do you have your own Back to School tip? Comment & share below! (Select this post to see our B2S Tips!)

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8 thoughts on “Back to School Balance (Hacking Tips)”

  1. We coordinate all family calendars a month in advance to avoid unexpected conflicts or to preplan accordingly– include evening school meetings/events; kid sports and school meetings; husband work travel, etc. Learned the hard way to look ahead as many weeks as possible.

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  2. Cook several meals on Sunday (2-3 different types of meats, veggies, pasta, rice, etc.) so that your family can have a variety of home-made meals during the least up to Thursday….mix and match so they’re not eating the same combo every day. That limits the fast food to at least Friday and Saturday only.


  3. I iron clothes on Friday’s for the following week. I place them in my kids closet, a divider I got from Target. It includes their socks, undergarments, etc. It saves so much time in the morning!


  4. Go to the spa! Schedule alone time, family time, and date night! Don’t forget to add it to the calendar! The schedule gets crazy when school starts.
    Schedule and stick to a bed time for kids. This is your quiet time.
    Turn off electronics at least an hour before bed. Clear your mind! Go to bed!


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