Who Are We?

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I am a principal that posts a handwritten paper sign on my office door that says “DO NOT KNOCK” when I am having a meeting, otherwise I will hear the inevitable rapping of small knuckles while my daughter is supposed to be in the after school program. I am also a principal who is incredibly fortunate that my own children are open enrolled and can attend the district in which I work. Our family is invested in our community, and we take the “mom bus” to school every morning. My son jokes that there are “positives and negatives” to having your mom as the school principal, but the best is “being able to give her a hug at lunchtime every day”.



I am a principal who was lucky enough to have an assistant principal who could run the show while I took a 3 month maternity leave to take on a new job, mom.  And I am the principal who returned to work in the middle of PARCC testing, budget planning, and evaluation season, surviving on very little sleep, pumping in the bathroom next to my office (yes, I actually scheduled ‘pumping’ on my Google calendar), and showing off baby pictures to staff, parents, students, bus drivers, anyone who I came across!  I am also the principal who brought my newborn around to every single classroom.  It was important for me to introduce my kid to all of my other kids.


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I am an educational leader that loves learning and is passionate about “all things” education.  I am also the mother of three daughters who literally seem proud and somewhat shocked when I make a meal that is somewhat edible. My “go to” dinner item usually consists of a phone call order to a nearby restaurant that knows me by name, and my husband says that he had to learn how to cook out of necessity.  And although I falter at cooking, sending homemade baked goods to school, and ironing my husband’s clothes, I am a wife, mother, and lead learner that would do anything for her family, students, and teachers…..well, probably not cooking or anything else June Cleaver worthy, but close to anything!


I am a principal who loves what she does, to the point that my dreams have been taken over in data format. I have twin girls who keep me busy on most nights.  I have a Ph.D in multi-tasking with a minor in problem solving. I love feeding my staff, but can’t cook on most days. I own a timeshare at my school, and every school event is a family affair for us. I buy more books than I can read and have created amazing Pinterest boards that have never become a reality. Despite all that, I would not change my life for anything in the world.


I am the proud principal of Clear Creek Elementary just outside of Kansas City, KS and the mother of four beautiful children. While education has always been my passion, I feel my true purpose is being the lead learner of a building. I love leading professional development, coaching my staff, working with kids and helping others problem solve by thinking outside of the box.  And while my day is busy taking care of 580 students, 60 plus staff members and all of our families, my evenings are spent tackling the busy life of a mom who has kids in college, the Kansas Air National Guard, high school and middle school. If I’m not chasing one them around, you can find me reading a book (not always work related), taking a walk listening to cheesy 80’s love songs or 90’s country, or spending time with my husband who I’ve spent the last 27 years loving.


I am a principal who balances my job and kids with the help of family, my phone, and living in a small town. I schedule everything in my phone with reminders about things for work, play dates, hockey and soccer practice, my workouts, etc. Since I live in a small town, everything is close by and having family in town helps balance it all. I am the principal who has three children and am lucky to have two in the district I work in.

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I am an elementary principal and lead-learner of a PreK-3rd grade building with 800 students. I love the hustle and excitement that fills our school, and especially love the smiles on my own kids’ faces when they get to come to mommy’s school on the weekends. What other way is there to enter administration than by getting pregnant your first year as a principal? My 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter have their favorite drink order at Starbucks, as we cherish our Saturday morning rituals (they know mommy needs her coffee). Convenience is everything, as not only do our diapers come in a box to our front door, but so do our dinners (Plated meals), dry cleaning & Amazon orders (I gift Amazon Prime memberships because I love mine so much). Technology permeates through our household, as my little ones are the guinea pigs for education tech tools I consider purchasing for the school (and my kids get just as upset as I do when the WiFi is slow).

The 7 Moms As Principals
(in Philadelphia at the National Principals’ Conference)

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